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Just a bath is when a layperson attempts to bath their dog (usually tied to the garden fence and with a cold hose). They then let it dry naturally because they now can't get anywhere near their traumatised dog with a hairdryer. No brushing or combing occurs and nails are left well alone...

Rest assured.

We do not offer this service

We are incapable of leaving a dog with knots and tangles in it, or leaving it damp or wet.

If you want to know why, click here.

So, if you don't want your dog's hair or fur cut, but you do want it bathed, you'll be looking at the Full Prep service.

A Full Prep is what we do to every dog before we touch it with clippers or scissors.

Grit and dirt decimate scissors and blades so the dog has to be spotless before we start.

The full prep includes:

Shampoo x 2
Conditioning spray
Blast dry
Cabinet dry
Hand Finish with brushes until the coat can be combed through everywhere
Clip out pads
Clean eyes
Clean ears
Grind nails
Clip sanitary area
Spritz with scent
Collar flower or bow

With the dog fully prepped, we can then move on to the Full Groom.

What happens next depends on the breed or type of dog.

We will clip to breed standard or owner preference

We will scissor to breed standard or owner preference

We will handstrip if the coat is ready for it


We will remove all loose and shedding hair

But we will not dematt your dog for you. Matted dogs require a shavedown.

There may be just the odd bit you need straightened out like an eye trim; we're happy to accommodate these requests, you just need to give us a call!

Other additonal extras may include:

Nail grinding
Ear plucking
Colour or die

A shavedown is a serious matter so it has a page all of its own. Click here.


If all this seems a little complicated and you'd like us to just do it all for you - Join our VIP Club!

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